Corcyn Heddwch – Beca Brown


Nofel ysgafn, fywiog, llawn doniolwch sy’n adrodd hynt a helynt Leri Elis, mam ifanc sydd wedi hen flino ar geisio bod yn bopeth i bawb. Mae ganddi ŵr aneffeithiol, Anni fach y babi sy’n mynnu ei sylw, heb sôn am ei mam a’i mam-yng-nghyfraith anobeithiol; a beth am Aron – ar ôl beth y mae hwnnw tybed?

A light-hearted, lively and humorous novel about the trials and tribulations of Leri Elis, a young mum who is fed-up of trying to please everybody. Her husband is useless, Anni, the baby demands all her energy, and both her mother and mother-in-law are pushing her to the limits; and what about Aron – what is he up to?

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