Hiwmor y Cilie – Jon Meirion Jones


A collection of humorous and scathing stories about the Cilie family. Together with amusing stories and jokes, there are jestful verses, satirical englynion, funny songs, tales of awkward moments and sarcastic comments about a family renowned as teasers. There are stories about Isfoel, Simon Bartholomew, Mary Hannah, Fred Jones, Gerallt Jones, John Tydu and Tydfor, to name only a few.

Straeon doniol a deifiol am aelodau teulu enwog y Cilie. Yn ogystal â’r straeon digri a’r jôcs, mae yma englynion dychan, penillion smala a cherddi dwl. Ceir hanesion yn llawn troeon trwstan a dweud crafog am deulu oedd yn enwog am dynnu coes. Ceir straeon am Isfoel, Simon Bartholmew, Mary Hannah, Fred Jones, Gerallt Jones, John Tydu, Tydfor i enwi ond ambell un o’r teulu.

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